Make Effort Into Looking Good

Statement jewelry is back in a big way. A year or two ago, everyone was wearing thin chains and minimalist plain rings. These days, women are wearing necklaces with chunky beads and ornate arrangements of gemstones. When you layer on a bunch of long, skinny necklaces, the goal is to appear as if you didn’t put any effort into looking good. Conversely, wearing a statement necklace is a deliberate choice. It conveys that you put thought into your outfit and made a firm decision about how you want to present yourself to the world that day.

Wearing statement jewelry well can be a huge challenge. There’s a reason it was out of style for a while; lots of people associate large, noticeable necklaces with older women who lack personal style. To wear a statement necklace well, the rest of your outfit needs to be immaculate. Large accessories draw attractive contrasts to streamlined silhouettes and elongated limbs. This means that adding one of these necklaces to a simple outfit is instantly transformative, provided that the outfit fits properly. The size of the necklace needs to be balanced against slim-fitting clothing. Otherwise, everything about the wearer will look bigger.

Cocktail rings are another fun way to jump on this trend. Instead of arranging a display of tiny rings across your whole hand, you could just pick one big attention-grabbing bauble. Unlike a necklace, a ring does not have to complement the color scheme of your clothing. However, as with large necklaces, cocktail rings look best next to an otherwise plain outfit. They look especially great on top of freshly manicured nails or bold polish colors.

Large accessories like the ones from Peak Boutique set the stage for other types of bold styling. You may feel more comfortable throwing on a colorful or unusual pair of shoes if you already have a huge gemstone on your finger. You’ll find yourself reaching for glamorous red lipstick or wearing your hair more elegantly. You might even experiment with different necklines and fits in your clothing. Try out statement jewelry this spring and let your style speak for itself.

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