13th Month Reserved

I am glad that our company gave us the 13th month in the first week of December. Yes, it is very early and I am so delighted however I could not just spend it to myself, it is reserved for my family this Christmas. My husband could not seem to send us enough this year for the gifts of the kids. I already detected when he told me that he will send the kids some gifts when he gets back and I am sure that it will not gonna be this month. So I represented myself, my 13th month pay supposed to be for house repair but because I don’t want my kids to have empty hands on Christmas eve again just like a year ago, I have the house repair set aside for now. The most important is that this Christmas are my kids to enjoy their gifts, the gifts that they wished for long time. I don’t care if I don’t have anything this Christmas, I’ll just buy something for myself when this season is over.

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