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Things You Would Like To Do This Month

You want to do something unique yet better this month, you might want to try this:

You can hug your stress away by buying plush toy or stuff toy, if you are fond of those. Geez this reminds me of our cabinet here, it is so full of stuff toys that the stuff toys were not arranged so well. I might buy one big cabinet to put all more stuff toys since some were just scattered on the bed.

If you are sick during the month, purchase a chill pill, this is not a literal pill but this is some sort of an ice pack. It is colored blue with nice girly decorations on it. I am sure if you will be able to see the design your illness will gone right away as it can give you a light feeling.

Are you bored with just your plain lady like bag, oh well you might want to try something new? Try to use a hand painted tote bag with cute designs on it like a puppy or a cat. This might glow your day when you see this designs in your bag.

New things can be fun and adventurous but the solemnity of those vintage things can be sentimental and will bring you meaningful memories, so why not try owning this old world charm clock with vintage style. I am sure it will provide a peaceful mind.

I am into saving either in bank or in my piggy bank and if you are like me, try to buy this TV coin bank, this could be a perfect gift for those kids who are also into saving, you can also put this thing in one of your display in your living room. This could only show as a display but in reality, you can put some coins on it.

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Christmas Wishlist: A Pack Bag

Mj was the first one I bought a gift for Christmas, her Christmas wishlist was a branded bag. Good thing that Nike was having some promotion and I was able to avail it. So I bought her the bag, and thank GOD for the social media because I was able to show it to MJ what kind of styles that are available. I sent her the pictures while she was in school.

I sent her this first:

 photo 15451343_10210911441038145_1902286351_n_zpsy8hqnqva.jpg

She said she doesn’t like it and she even told me to send her more pictures, so I sent her the 2nd one that I thought she would like.

 photo 15622642_10211028548765765_8116943667335282808_n_zpspkcesgku.jpg

She said no, since it seems like its too big for her. She wanted to have the smaller size of this and since they have promotion that day of course expect that the only available is the one on displays. And this is the last one I found.

 photo 15451024_10210891550820902_196643288_n_zpsmdvhtefz.jpg

Yeah, she likes the big check and besides this one is smaller than the others. I have it wrapped already and she can’t wait to finally have it on Christmas eve.

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13th Month Reserved

I am glad that our company gave us the 13th month in the first week of December. Yes, it is very early and I am so delighted however I could not just spend it to myself, it is reserved for my family this Christmas. My husband could not seem to send us enough this year for the gifts of the kids. I already detected when he told me that he will send the kids some gifts when he gets back and I am sure that it will not gonna be this month. So I represented myself, my 13th month pay supposed to be for house repair but because I don’t want my kids to have empty hands on Christmas eve again just like a year ago, I have the house repair set aside for now. The most important is that this Christmas are my kids to enjoy their gifts, the gifts that they wished for long time. I don’t care if I don’t have anything this Christmas, I’ll just buy something for myself when this season is over.

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But With Determination

I just witness my daughter’s guitar performance during the battle of the band inter-school competition. She was so adorable when she played as the lead guitar, she looks so amazing when it was her turn to strum, and she definitely sounded like a pro. Now that the holiday is fast approaching, I was thinking to buy her a guitar just like the Parker Fly, we are in a tight budget but I am doing my best to suit well. I am making sure that I spend my money only for bills and for our kid’s school. From now on, I might have to lessened eating outside so to budget my expenses. This is hard, I know but with determination I will.

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