She Lost It

I was about to write the swimsuit I bought for her the other day that she wore yesterday in the competition but I just found out tonight that the swimsuit I just purchased is nowhere to be found. She lost it!

Yesterday during the competition, her best friend came to watch her competition and they agreed to unwind right after. I guess she was so ecstatic about the outing and she just forgot everything. The swimsuit is not affordable at all and I used the money supposedly for our budget until Wednesday but because she wants a new one, I bought it for her because I want her to be comfortable when she’s going to swim. Teenagers today are just so careless, they won’t mind that we worked so hard so we can buy them things for them to have a comfortable life. They always take it for granted and there are times I already get tired about it. How I wish to just stop and ignore and be a careless Mom but I know I can’t, I just can’t.

So maybe I’ll just have to take a last look with this swimsuit she wore yesterday, my first and last look of my hard work so to earn to buy everything for her.

 photo 15027721_1787715044832727_4459452106562001119_n.jpg

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