Blue Bag For My Birthday

It was my birthday last 23rd of October. I was roaming around the mall, checking what the things to buy for my birthday are. I thought of a pair of jeans but I bought one this year, a top perhaps? Oh well bought two tops on summer so I guess I will have to go to the bag section. I was eyeing for Parisian brands; obviously, it is because my favorite celebrity endorsed it. My budget was less than P 500.00 but I also don’t to risk the design, I am not picky of how the bag looks like, I am depending with my instinct. I picked one, it was a black bag with chain holder but when I saw the other design, and I got confused which one to pick. I even asked the sales lady to help me choose and both of them choose this:

 photo 14910303_10210492533645722_5347184074561227649_n.jpg

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