Things To Do And Don’t With Your Bestfriend

There are many things that you can do with your best friend and one of these is revamping your best friend’s room or her closet. You don’t have to spend money on helping each other revamp each other’s wardrobe. I am telling you, it would be fun, it is tiring but nothing will be a dull moment whenever you are with your best friend right? You can also help her turning her mom’s old denim to a something new, let’s say old denim to a DIY ripped jean.

It is indeed fun to share things to each other with your best friend but hold it, not all. Yeah, because you should not be sharing make up because it can easily share bacteria. Bacteria can transfer with just seconds, so instead of sharing make up or lipstick. It would be better if you get both the same color of lipstick; matching lipstick is a squad goal too!


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