Centerpieces With Sweet Treats

When you think about a centerpiece for a party, you might think about a ceramic figurine or a candle. You could even use flowers in the center of a table. A sweet idea is a candy bouquet. These work well with almost any event, and guests can sometimes take candy home with them if there are enough pieces that are used with the bouquet. You could also let the guest of honor take the candy home as a gift.

There are quite a few ideas for making this kind of bouquet depending on the occasion and what the person likes to eat. If you’re going to let guests take candy with them, then don’t wrap the bouquet in cellophane. This will make it easier for guests to just reach and grab the pieces that they want. You could even add a layer of small pieces of candy to the bottom of the bouquet so that there are more options besides the items that are on the sticks that make up the bouquet.

One of the ideas that you could make in the spring is a lollipop tree. This is also an idea for a child’s birthday party or a baby shower. Put a Styrofoam block inside a flower pot, and position small lollipops in the foam. You want to get the foam as full as possible, positioning the lollipops so that they look like a bush. You can use flower pots that are painted to look like footballs to make a buffet of candy for a game. Add football decorations and flags to make the bouquet blend with the sport.

Chocolate candy sleighs are smaller bouquets that are designed to look like Santa’s sleigh. Candy canes are used for the sides, and you will stack candy bars of various lengths together for the sleigh. Add a chocolate Santa to the front so that it looks like he’s driving. A Barbie candy dress bouquet is an idea for a girl’s party. Add longer candies that bend, such as Laffy Taffy, onto the dress. You can also add a few longer pieces of candy to the back of the doll to make it look like she has a backdrop.

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