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Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a budding start-up or a giant company, one of the things you automatically are obliged to do during the holidays is to give gifts to your employees, business contacts and clients. It is a well-known marketing secret and a great business “rule” to abide by.

Now there are a lot of corporate gift ideas – you can easily click here to view list of Christmas catalogues that have them. The last thing you would want is to give something that wouldn’t be appreciated or worse, put your business in a bad light. So before ordering your items, make sure that the company you are ordering from has quality items and that what you are ordering is appropriate according to the relationship you have with the intended recipient. You also do not want to be viewed as the cheap boss. So to get a general feel of what your employees want for Christmas, do subtle interviews of what they need or what they are hoping to get during meetings or coffee breaks (or delegate somebody to do the asking especially if you think they might be uncomfortable talking about it with you around).

Here are some ideas that have been proven time and again, to work:

  1. Company office supplies that bear your company logo. It is common practice to have default corporate giveaways during the holidays – calendars, pens, mugs, umbrellas and even shirts. These are little things that are usually thrown in whenever have parties and are commonly called promotional items.
  2. Gift baskets. The default standard is to give away a food basket that allows one to prepare a whole meal from the ingredients in the basket. Most give baskets that have basic ingredients for a Christmas Eve dinner – Christmas cured ham and fruit salad are staples. While these are surely appreciated (food is ALWAYS appreciated), go a step further and make themed gift baskets – for chocolate lovers, wine and cheese lovers, movie addicts, etc.
  3. This can range from magazine subscriptions to movie rental subscriptions. Before giving out year long subscriptions, make sure that what you will be signing up for will be utilized by the recipient. Sometimes, it’s also a form of encouragement from you as their boss. There was a company executive that gave year long gym memberships for his employees at the fitness center of their building to encourage them to make their health a priority — this might be a good idea go explore. Other examples might be subscriptions to a learning class or a side hobby.
  4. Gift certificates. Contrary to what people usually think when you give gift certificates (that you were lazy to even think of a proper gift), as a company boss, it is extremely thoughtful to give gift certificates because you are giving them the freedom to choose what they want for themselves. Short of giving actual cash to them, these are the next best thing. Whether it is a GC for the mall, a coffee place, the spa or a hotel stay voucher — these are hands-down one of the most popular (and requested by employees too!) corporate gift ideas.
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Things To Do And Don’t With Your Bestfriend

There are many things that you can do with your best friend and one of these is revamping your best friend’s room or her closet. You don’t have to spend money on helping each other revamp each other’s wardrobe. I am telling you, it would be fun, it is tiring but nothing will be a dull moment whenever you are with your best friend right? You can also help her turning her mom’s old denim to a something new, let’s say old denim to a DIY ripped jean.

It is indeed fun to share things to each other with your best friend but hold it, not all. Yeah, because you should not be sharing make up because it can easily share bacteria. Bacteria can transfer with just seconds, so instead of sharing make up or lipstick. It would be better if you get both the same color of lipstick; matching lipstick is a squad goal too!


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Making Mega In Greece

I am sure you know already that I am a big fan of this love team “Jadine” I am a silent fan but I followed them through. I bought their magazines, their books, their merchandise and even those products that they endorsed. This Mega photo shoot in Greece is really amazing, they were interviewed as well. And these two are always classy when they have their photo shoot, their interview is so much feels. I just love them, I love them being so in love with each other.

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3 Day Sale In SM

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Yes! SM in Davao will have a mall wide on October 14, 15, and 16. The 70% off will start from 10 in the morning until noon. So grab the opportunity now, too bad I would get out from work at 11 in the morning so I will not be able to catch the 70% discount but don’t worry because more items will be discounted even beyond 12 noon. And there will be extended mall hours for shopping so experience the mall wide sale right on October.

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