When You Think You Don’t Have Nothing To Wear

Whenever women will go to work or will go out, when they open the closet they would always say that they don’t have nothing to wear, while the closet is still jam-pack with lots of clothes. Oh well it should not be that way, it just a matter what matches this and this. But there are things that we, women can’t live without when we thought we don’t have nothing to wear.

Jeans – I always wore jeans, either at work or just everyday use. I always like just wear jeans. I sometimes match it with white shirt or just a tee-shirt.

If you will wear Blazer, wear black blazer because with black blazer you can match the inner with any color. My friend at work when he is about to be late, he wore a house sleeveless; anyway it serves as the inner so it won’t show off.

White Tee-shirt, I don’t know why I don’t have much white tee-shirt but this can be pair with anything, it can be paired with skirt, jeans or anything. I don’t have much white tee-shirt; it feels like it would capture dirt easily.


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