New Goggles For Her

Faith doesn’t have goggles and she needs it for her swimming. She was struggling when she swim during their P.E. because she doesn’t have goggles. I bought one for her when I have the budget but too bad it reached 2 weeks before she used it because they don’t have P.E. for two weeks already. They have to give way with their Buwanang Wika and Exam.

Mj wanted to borrow Faith’s goggles but Faith said that she have to use it so she can swim well. Oh well, I just have to buy another one for Mj especially now that she’s back on training for their DAPRISA.

 photo 14141571_10209897769897000_2225388152929878599_n.jpg

This is the new goggles of Faith, yes it is not pink as she doesn’t like pink but she said this one looks like for boys. Geez, she always complains.

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