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Look Good Be Cool

Dream Pastel:

Wear something pink and blue. You can wear a pink blush then match it with blue eye shadow would surely give you a cool and cute vibes.

Being in a 50’s can be cool too:

Pin up aesthetic eyeliner then wear a rose pink colored lipstick. But I think it will not work on me, for goodness sake I am already in my late 30’s so if I would wear something like this, I would look more old but I am telling you this will work with our teens!

Be frosted:

You want to achieve that Elsa look in Frozen? Who don’t I mean it would be perfect since costume party is approaching, you might be interested on this. Apply a makeup that has cool toned highlighter. Put it on the tip or the high points of your cheekbones.

Look good, be cool this month!


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Some Tips to Help You Stick to Your Budget

Almost everyone would agree that sticking to a budget can be difficult. This is especially the truth if you have a kind of strict budget that does not allow you to have a lot of extra spending money. However, most people would also agree that when you stick to the budget, you are usually able to enjoy the benefits.

Most individuals set up a budget because they want to pay off debt, they do not want to go into debt, or they are saving money for something. Of course, the rewards that come from sticking to a budget in order to accomplish these goals are well worth any sacrifice that was made. Getting out of debt or avoiding debt helps you to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and it saves you a ton of money because you are not paying interest and other fees. Being able to save money for something, like going on a family vacation or purchasing your first home, is going to give you a lot of satisfaction.

As was mentioned, sticking to the budget can be hard. However, one of the things that can help you stick to the budget is to think about the rewards that you are going to receive. Think about how you are going to feel once you overcome the temptation to spend money on something. Something else that can help you is to consider if you really need the item that you would like to purchase. For example, many individuals are tempted to purchase food at restaurants even though they have food at home. When a person thinks about if the thing they want to purchase is really a need, they will quickly talk themselves out of the purchase and save their money.

Something else that can help a person to stick to their budget is finding the thing that they want to buy for a better price. Let’s just say that you would like to purchase some expensive skateboard glasses that you find at the mall. You know that you do not really have the money for them or that your money-saving goals are going to be shot because of this purchase. Something that you can do is look online for recycled skateboard sunglasses and find something that is of equal quality, but that is a lot less expensive.

Sticking to a budget is hard, but it is well worth all of the sacrifices you make.

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Candy Magazine I Love!

 photo IMG_0166.jpg

In as much as I really could, if I have the budget I always buy her/their magazine and want to make sure the product they are endorsing. Just like ponds, whisper, picpoc, century tuna and all of that stuff. And recently I bought the Candy Magazine. But geez sometimes it is hard to buy their magazines all at once because they are published at the same month, not to mention Cosmopolitan, Star Studio, Mega Magazine but I’ll buy all of them, I am sure I will.

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Buy It Because It Is Your Fashion

A fashionable headphone can be so hard to find but you came to the right page because I have something to recommend to you, yes you don’t have to look around because the headphones sennheiser just came in town to give you something that can fit your taste of fashion. Yes, fashion is not just about clothes, make ups, and shoes. Fashion can be everything, your choice of music and its instruments, the choice of accessories and all of that stuff. So make sure that when you pick a headphone for you, it should not be just anything but something worthy of your fashion. Don’t buy because you want it, buy it because it matches and fits of whatever your fashion is and of course it should be within your budget.

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