Saving Some Old Stuff For Future Use

My youngest daughter needs a Baro’t Saya on Buwanang Wika. I was stunned for a moment, I was thinking to just buy a native costumes in one of the store in downtown that sells native stuffs but I suddenly remember that I bought one before for Mariel when she was still Grade 3 and it was passed to Mj when she needs it when she was in Kinder and I am sure it will still fit for Faith.

I look for it right away, I dig all of our old stuffs from our storage box and thank GOD I found it. I was saved, my money was save since I don’t have to spend anything just for Baro’t Saya, I mean it would be nice if I will purchase something new for her but it is more practical if we will use the old ones anyway they just need it that day and nothing more.

It is sometimes to keep old stuff because you might need it in the future and it never cross in my mind that it will still be useful for Faith.

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