Kadayawan Festival Big Discounts In The Mall

Finally, I was able to buy a new pair of jeans, we are almost celebrating Kadayawan festival so there’s a lot of promotions everywhere, it is either buy one take one or at least 20 percent discounts. And I grabbed the chance. When I roamed around I realized I need to buy Faith a new blouse as well. So after I bought a new pair of jeans, I also went to buy the Hello Kitty blouse. I thought she would like it but when I got home, she said she didn’t.

On the other hand, I was also waiting for my friends to arrive so I went shopping while waiting for them. The two hours of roaming around is just enough for me to at least buy something I like before they arrive. I went to the mall right away from work, so obviously I don’t have sleep yet. Good thing the walking in the mall helps me not to doze off.

When we gathered, I became more energetic especially when we went to the restaurant to eat. Our friend from Texas was the one who treat us our meal; I was so full right after. Of course I will not do it here in detail because I will tell you all that in Sahm’s Dining Diary.


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