Sports Bag For Her

It has been a while that my eldest daughter asked me to buy her a sports bag, we had a sports bag from before but one is busted and the other one is worn out already. Today, I went to a music shop to supposedly buy a chin rest for Faith’s violin but I could not find any. So after I went to the music shop, I went to the mall to buy them their uniform fabric. I roamed around the mall a little bit and I remember that I need to buy my eldest daughter a sports bag. I was looking for something similar with my gym bag but they don’t have it already. I spotted 2 kinds of sports bag, the first one was this:

 photo 13690797_10209433137001468_4425469958679077726_n.jpg

I called Mj to tell her the design and the color of this sports bag but she said it’s too girly. So I roamed around a little bit and I found this:

 photo IMG_01341.jpg

When I informed Mj of the color and the design, she approved of it already. So I bought this instead of the other one. But if I am the one who would make a choice. I’ll pick the first one because the color is cool and fit for teenagers but Mj doesn’t like it. She likes the Highland more.

 photo IMG_01352.jpg

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