Until We Sell The Old School Uniform

Mj is aware that we are having financial constraints nowadays and so it took me a while to buy her a new set of uniform since we transferred her to a new school. It took me a while to pay the sewer until there was one person who was willing to buy her uniform from the previous school. She asked my permission if she could sell it and since she will no longer use it anymore, I agreed to sell the uniform. We were able to sell it for P350.00, Mj said if she can save the money but I said if she can pay the uniform instead. Mj then agreed with me to just pay the uniform instead so she can wear her uniform the next day. I just added P50.00 since the price for one pair is P400.00. My eldest could not contain her happiness when she was able to wear her uniform the next day. We took the other pair next week yet, so I told her to just laundry the blouse every day. I thought she won’t understand but I was amazed because she did. She never complained at all and just followed what I asked her to do, so she can have a clean blouse every day. Thank you GOD that I have a very understanding teenager, even though we sometimes argued but in the end, she is always the one I depend on.

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