August Please Come So Fast

Last night, since our TV gave up, the kids just gathered in the bedroom and while Faith is reading some books, Mj was also busy strumming her guitar. She knows how to play drums but since we don’t have drums she is using her guitar to get rid of the boredom. She puts the laptop in front of her and tried to imitate the boy in the you tube, playing a song. She exclaimed this boy is really good in strumming, plus he has a nice and likable guitar. Mj wishes to have something like that, to have something like the spotlights guitar center has. On the other hand, she knows that we are in a tight budget for now, since we are trying to finish paying our loan, 2 good months and we are done paying it. And when the time comes, I will have enough money to buy her the pack bag that she longs to have. It’s not Jansport, the brand name is Herschel, and I promised to buy her that on August. Hopefully, we can buy pair of school shoes for both of the girls too. Oh August please come so fast!

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