I Miss Roaming Around The Mall For Longer Hours

Yeah, it has been a year that I am working and even though the exit from work is a mall and sometimes we would go inside to get some money, I still miss roaming around the mall for longer hours. I mean unlike before that I can go to the mall anytime if I want to look things to touch my favorite clothes and to buy the things I love. Now I can’t easily do that, I need to wait for my day off to do that and mostly I spend my rest day paying all my bills.

Uh uh, on the second thought I just went to the mall last Monday, I was with my kids but we were in a hurry. I wanted to stay much longer to choose the sunglasses that I want but I can’t stay there for a while, we need to go right away as I still need to sleep for work later. I just went to grocery store to buy some foods to cook at home, and then bought doughnuts for the kids. We didn’t even have time to eat out because I need to drive home right away.


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