Saving Money On A Budget

Don’t start your month short on cash especially when you are on a tight budget. It is crucial indeed to save money while your money is limited. But I am positive that you can do it right. I know that when your budget is tight it is hard to come up with money to save to avoid being panic when emergency arise. But shifting the way you think about budget can make a good result, it can’t be overnight but once you practice it, I am sure it can help your finances.

A way to save money is to shop smarter, meaning to say know your priority. For example when you want to bring some snacks for your kids, and you were thinking of a J Co doughnut but that is pretty expensive, get a snack that is lesser the expenses. Go to Goldilocks perhaps and get some yummy bread that is lesser the cost.

Keep the change, no it does not mean you have to give away the change when you are doing some grocery shop but ask for a change to keep it because somehow you will need those coins when you grocery shop again.

Pay yourself first. Pay your bill first and do not go around to the mall when its payday because you will just get tempted to shop around while it is not needed.


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