My First Purchases Pair Of Jeans This Year

Last Monday, my friends and I agreed to meet up at dinner. This time we will be able to bond with our friend who recently hired in one of the call center here in our place. She was not able to join last Saturday so Cheryl and I agreed to see her on Monday. I was able to contact Belle and told her about the meet up. Cheryl will be going back today in Texas so last Monday will be our last chance too have bonding.

When I went out from work this morning. I went to Gaisano Mall right away, I know some of their items are on sale. After roaming around looking for a perfect fit I was able to found this:

 photo image.jpeg


I was with a friend when I bought this. Actually, I have two choices this and the other one but this one is much cheaper than the other. It has 5% discount, so without any further ado, of course I choose the latter.

 photo image_1.jpeg

Front View

 photo image_2.jpeg

Back View

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