Shopping For Swim Wear

Our team building is fast approaching right? And I was struggling what to wear on that day when we are already in the hot spring. So yesterday, I went to the mall to check the latest trend or at least for me. I was able to spot this short swim wear and this translucent silk pant. It is not pair but the staff helped me which one to match with this translucent pants, they were able to find this short swim wear. I will be looking for the top that will match for my lower  swim wear next time.

It is summer and it is dreading so hot. I need to cut my hair with a style with what is trend this summer. I need a brochure but the saloon that I went to, doesn’t have any latest hair style for summer. So I just instructed the hairstylist what to do with my hair and viola he did it with no sweat at all.

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