Bubble Design Blouse For Me

Last October 23rd was my special natal day. I thought to buy something new but I was so surprised because my kids and niece have something special for me. I didn’t expect that they thought of me on my birthday.

When I and Faith went home last Friday, my eldest daughter is not yet home. I was so pissed because she should be home early since it’s their exam week and they would only spend half day at school. And it was already 5:30 in the after yet he was not yet home. I kept on calling her but she didn’t answer until I decided to prepare Faith so we can have dinner together outside with Mariel. I thought to just leave Mj alone and I know she would regret it when she arrived home if she will know that I treat Mariel and Faith outside.

Good thing, she texted just before we went out of the house. I called her and she answered, she told me that she didn’t notice her phone rang. She told me that she went out to buy me something on my birthday. She apologized for not asking permission from me. I was paused, I supposed to scold her but I hold it back, it’s my birthday anyway.

I just told her then that to go to Abreeza Mall to wait for us. We will have dinner in one of the restaurants there. Here’s the blouse that almost gotten my daughter to trouble. I talked to her still, no matter what happen she should ask permission from me.

 photo IMG_0655.jpg

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