On Wearing Shades

Since we live in a tropical country, wearing shades is very very important. Aside from its making you look fashionable, wearing shades will give you more benefits. First was it protects your eyes from sun radiation, we all know that but there are more that can benefit it from and those are:

If not stop, it can at least decrease dry eye problem especially when you are in a dry climate. Wearing shades can protect your eyes from drying because it blocks the wind and dust that could gain access to your eyes.
When you are passing through buildings that are under repairs or construction, definitely you will get huge chances from debris. If you wear sunglasses, it will aid you in protecting your eyes from any harmful debris that are flying around.

When you are driving, it could not be avoided that there are possible glare especially at 4 in the afternoon. Wearing your sunglasses can help you reduced the glare from the sun. The sun rays will not be directing to your eyes because of your sunglasses, and then any chance of accident will also be avoided.

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This picture was taken during our 2nd team building just this month

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