A Wedding Dress

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Last month was our wedding anniversary, my husband is not here again so we were not able to celebrate it but we greet each other on the day of our wedding anniversary.

I can still remember last September 19 of 2009 that I vowed myself to be with him through thick and thin. And I just proved that it is not that easy to follow those promises that we had, because to be honest there are times that I almost give up. They are right, when love slowly fades, always go back to those days that everything was so perfect and after that you will realize how you love and will love him until the day you die. If you feel like there is no spark at all, then respect of the vows that you’ve made when you just started it. We have many flaws I admit that but it doesn’t mean we have to end what we have started. We were bonded by GOD and there should be no one and nothing could ever break it. So whatever happens, fight for your love, fight for your man and fight for your family.

The wedding dress is the symbol of your lifetime journey as you start building your own family. The wedding dress is not only to make you feel the most beautiful woman on that day. But the wedding dress is the signs of your pure love no matter what happen.

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