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Do Not Let Your Denim Jeans Shrink

I am sure you already experienced buying denim jeans, wore it once and after the laundry, it just shrunk. I know it will be so painful seeing your most favorite jeans shrunk. You wanted it to hand wash but you don’t have any choice since you are a busy career woman and hand washing your clothes could take up a lot of your time. On the other hand, since it is your favorite and putting it in storage box after it shrunk will just a waste, why not undo it to the original size.

Here’s how:

Fill your pail with water and add conditioner or baby shampoo to it. Let your denim jeans soaked in the water with the conditioner on it. It will help the fiber to be relaxed. After an hour remove the item from the pail, do not rinse it but squeeze it. Get a large towel and flat it to your jeans, roll the towel with the garment inside. After that, get another dry towel and gently stretch it to the garment that lies on your bed, this dry your garment. Continue it until the jean gets back to its original size.

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