Too Right Timing

Thank GOD that my sister send in the package right on time, because on Tuesday we will have a slumber party at work. During this time, we are requested to wear pajamas or any sleeping attire but not too bare. Of course nighties are not allowed, geez it is even too cold at work why wear those revealing sleeping attire. On the other hand, good thing my niece and daughter just give me a pajama which had my favorite color. Yes, I was not able to choose. My sister sent 3 pairs of pajama, my niece had the dark blue with a nice design, my daughter had the orange color and mine was the striped, nothing left so I didn’t have the chance to pick. For me, it doesn’t matter at all, as long as they have what they want, I preferred to get what is left. Moving forward, it is already washed and this pajama is just waiting for me to wear it. I’ll just have to wait that night that I’ll be wearing it at work. So my status now? Waiting.

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