Sporty Attire

This is our first time to join the attire day at work. They have the school attire before but we had our rest day at that time so we were not able to join, this time we made sure that everything is set on that day.

When our supervisor asked us to wear something sporty, I didn’t find it hard at all. My eldest daughter have it all. Oh not the swimming attire though with goggles and head cap, I can’t imagine wearing those while inside the very cold room, not to mention that I am commuting every night plus my geez, a swim suit? No No No. Anyway, Mj have this jersey jacket matched it with jersey jogging pant, and jersey shirt. I am so complete.

 photo ce59277c-807b-4900-83fe-7df725ffbd22.jpg

One supervisor even compliment me of wearing the complete sporty attire. Oh well I have to thank my daughter for letting me borrow her Palaro attire.

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