P585 Down To P500

My being so thrifty strike when I decided to buy a sandal last week. You see I was with my friends and I shared to them how much I love to buy a pair of sandals or shoes, after we bought some mangoes, we passed by this boutique in the mall that we went to. My friend went inside to checked some elevated sandals, he even showed me some but those were not my type because I know that it will just make my feet hurt. So we went to the other boutique and he was able to find one pair of elevated sandal that I like. It is this type of sandal that has the gladiator look, but don’t worry because I can still go inside the office since it has strap in the back even though my skin of my feet is a little bit exposed.

The price is about P585.00 but out of nowhere I asked them if they could lower it down to P500.00. The sales lady was doubted to give me the price that I want, thank GOD that the owner barged in and gave me the price so I got this gladiator look for only P500.00. Good job for me!

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