I Love Swimming Shirt

After the swimming competition, my daughter asked me a favor if I could buy the jersey type blouse just right beside the pool. I supposed not to buy anything extra at that time but since I know that she strive so hard and tried her best to her all events. She could not contain her happiness when I said “yes”. As soon as she got my permission to buy that shirt, she went down right away with her friends and choose which size that would fit in her.

Last Palaro she has been asking me to buy a swimming shirt for her but I refused since we don’t have enough extra. I didn’t  have last swimming competition but I already pity on her since she keeps on asking and asking and hoping that I would allow her to buy something for herself. Anyway, that’s my way of rewarding for a job well done.

 photo IMG_0605_zpsfuebbrji.jpg

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