Got So Many Clothes From A Friend

Yesterday after I went out from work, my friend messaged me if we could have lunch together. I was hesitant at first because I don’t have budget but since she said she would treat me. So I said yes, we went to Bigbys to have our lunch and then coffee afterwards. Since it is too early yet fetch Faith, she invited me to her house. She was segregating all her old clothes and put it in the box that she purchased earlier. And one thing that I was happy about because she gave me some of her clothes. Some of it are shorts, which I like so much because I was planning to buy some shorts but I just don’t have budget yet. See even if I am working, my budget is still so tight.

Good thing that I went with my friend at their home, because she was able to share some of her clothes to me. The shorts is what I am excited about but bad thing is the school of Faith won’t allow parents to wear shorts. Sigh. But anyway, Saturday that is, I’ll make sure I will wear one of it tomorrow. I am just so excited, thanks for sharing it my friend.

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