On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching and me and my friend from work have a plan to have a hair make over. I want to have a hair rebond, and this time I don’t like to hire someone to do it at home because this time I want to do it in the saloon. Soon!

On the other hand, do you want to achieve a full bangs look, oh well you just need a paddle brush, and a hair dryer with a fitted nozzle. What you need to do is take your paddle brush and comb your bangs downwards. Then position your hair dryer on the top of your bangs. Make sure to set your hair blower low so it won’t be too hot on you when you point your hair dryer to your forehead. Pull your bangs to the right side when you use the hair blower. Wait until the bangs will dry so you could enjoy the look. This is nice when you have your pony tail on your hair.

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