Repaired Sandals/FlipFlops

I just bought a pair of sandal/flip-flop last December and since I am wearing it every day, it torn out right away. I was roaming around the mall recently however the sandals that I wanted to pick is way too expensive. And yet I still have so many bills I need to prioritize so I have to think wisely anyway I can still wear the sandal that I bought last Christmas it is just it looked like it was used a decade ago.

On the other hand I have this pair of Flip Flops and sandals that it was only store in a shoe organizer. Mostly the string part was loosened; the other one though was really cut. Then I remember I knew someone whom I could have these sandals repair, he is good in repairing damage bags, damage shoes or maybe damage umbrella. I haven’t tried the umbrella there though. The other day I send in these two pairs of damage sandals and I got it yesterday and you know what I could wear it already. The string is not loose anymore so anytime I could wear it at school or in the pool. You know sometimes we just have to recycle what we had here than spending another bucks to shop. Shopping brought us a good feeling, some women even treat it as a relaxing hobby however a mom like me when you have so many things will due later, shopping will not be a stress-free hobby most of the times it just makes me guilty for shopping while the bills are at stake. Maybe next time when the budget is right then I will. Anyway those fashionably clothes or shoes will just always be there in the mall waiting for me.

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