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Better Sound

I love music but since I became a Mom I was not able to give attention to it anymore maybe because I am so busy already attending stuff but there is still time that I would like to listen to my favorite love songs or just listening to my eldest daughter when she is strumming her guitar especially when I just have to sit down in the living room. However I need to have a good and better sound and it is good to buy music systems which is Money Back Guarantee because when we don’t like the sounds of the components then we can return it with no hassle especially when it is defective. Sigh it is hard to believe that I am really not getting any younger that I have two kids already that keeps me busy with.

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Charm Bracelet

I received this bracelet after Christmas, well it supposed to be a Christmas gift but it was just delayed because I was busy to get it from a friend. This bracelet was together with my shirt that has a print of Houston, Texas.

 photo IMG_0508_zps994cff16.jpg

This bracelet is called charm bracelet if I am correct. You can put some designs on the bracelet if you like, if you will find bangles that would match on the bracelet then that is wonderful. Anyhow this is the bracelet that I just received from my friend in Texas.

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For All Shoppers Out There

All women in the world must be going to love of what LIDL will be launching for all the shoppers. LIDL will not only entice its savvy fashionable jewelries to all women but most importantly they are offering you know budgeted, more discounts to all shoppers out there. Their new collections will be launching a debut to Scotland, Wales, and England this month.

The range together with statement necklaces about under 7 euros, a two piece bra and underwear set would be at less than 10 euros. Their new collection is inspired by Italian City of Water, they have a nautical style like its red and blue striped jersey tops, dresses that are soft and jersey, which you could not only wear at night but as well as daytime.

I am sure women out there are excited as LIDL launch their second complete fashionable collection.
Source: Yahoo

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Repaired Sandals/FlipFlops

I just bought a pair of sandal/flip-flop last December and since I am wearing it every day, it torn out right away. I was roaming around the mall recently however the sandals that I wanted to pick is way too expensive. And yet I still have so many bills I need to prioritize so I have to think wisely anyway I can still wear the sandal that I bought last Christmas it is just it looked like it was used a decade ago.

On the other hand I have this pair of Flip Flops and sandals that it was only store in a shoe organizer. Mostly the string part was loosened; the other one though was really cut. Then I remember I knew someone whom I could have these sandals repair, he is good in repairing damage bags, damage shoes or maybe damage umbrella. I haven’t tried the umbrella there though. The other day I send in these two pairs of damage sandals and I got it yesterday and you know what I could wear it already. The string is not loose anymore so anytime I could wear it at school or in the pool. You know sometimes we just have to recycle what we had here than spending another bucks to shop. Shopping brought us a good feeling, some women even treat it as a relaxing hobby however a mom like me when you have so many things will due later, shopping will not be a stress-free hobby most of the times it just makes me guilty for shopping while the bills are at stake. Maybe next time when the budget is right then I will. Anyway those fashionably clothes or shoes will just always be there in the mall waiting for me.

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