New Bag And New Shirt On Her Birthday

The other day we celebrated the birthday of my eldest daughter. We celebrated it at Ladislawa Club House it was just a simple gathering however it turned out to be a blast because of our team mates. Each of them contributed foods and I was so delighted I really thought the pizza was not enough but because of the foods they brought on her birthday it was more than enough.

Mj also enjoyed the gifts that she received during her special day. She was very thankful to ever receive a nice bag and a nice shirt from her friend Cydee. Thank you, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

 photo 450c94ce-5f26-466b-aebe-a0e3a876df49_zps1067a33b.jpg

This is the bag that she received from her teammate.

 photo e781f127-d85f-4dc9-8e23-c899a1ea7825_zps63789c0f.jpg

And the shirt that her friend gave her

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