Two Dress In One Day

Last December 19, Faith joined two parties, the first one in the morning is in Kaakbay. Good thing, she has a dress that she seldom wearing so that’s the one she wore in the morning. We just brought the new dress in the car for her to wear in the afternoon. She wanted the new dress in the morning but I did not agree because I am sure she will get messy after she ate a meal there, it is better to be ready than of going home right after the Kaakbay. The party in the school will start at 1:30 p.m. so we really have to be on our way after the party in Kaakbay.

 photo 41e294e1-9cb3-46b7-b0df-2499392c7467_zpsf0a2cee4.jpg

This is the dress that she wore in the morning, she just posed for a while for this car as she finds it nice and pretty.

 photo 72140c53-bc83-47f3-b148-91f198c6e1d3_zpsed2e08d6.jpg

Faith and I together with her teacher.

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