Hoping For The Best For The Package

Geez four days to go, and it is already Christmas, and I had shop for Faith only. I promised Mariel and Mj that I will be shopping for them after Christmas yet until now I still don’t have enough budget for them. The only hope that they could have something new to wear this Christmas or New Year is the package from my sister Lilian in Singapore. But I am not sure it will arrive soonest because sister Lilian informed me that the package was halt in Manila due to peak season. Oh well what can you expect, I just hope that all the stuffs inside are safe, you know I already experienced that, it was not a package but it was only a card and when I received the card it was already ripped. Maybe the post office thought that there was money inserted in the card that was why they tried to open it. I was disappointed, I just hope that they will not open the box and get the things inside without our permission.

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