Excited To Shop For Her Dress

Today, we went out since we need to buy some gifts and a dress for Faith. Faith is so excited to get the dress that she picked from yesterday. She wanted to buy it yesterday but my money was not enough so we have to wait for one day to purchase it. But first we have to go to the other mall to buy Mj’s gift for her Manito, her Manito wished for a weighing sand, it’s one of the basketball accessories. We tried to look for a dress for Faith there so we can go home right away after that mall but she can’t seem to find any dress that she likes so after we go out and after we had our snack, we went to the other mall right away. There her dress awaits her, she was so happy that she saw her dress still available for her. And she did not pick any other dress but that one even her sister and cousin protested of it because they don’t like it.

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