Got A New Pair Of Eyeglasses

These past few days my head is always aching. I know so well that this is because of my eyes. I have to wear eye glasses when using the computer but because my niece lost my eye glass I have nothing to wear anymore. My friend from the pool invited me for lunch one day and after our sumptuous lunch we roam around the mall. I also need to make a canvass for an eye glass and fortunately we were able to find a store that has slashed off with their frames and lenses. It was so right but I don’t have extra at that moment but thanks to my friend because she let me borrow some money so I could buy a pair of eye glasses. I am so delighted, thank GOD and thanks to my friend because she helped me to wear eyeglasses on that day. I am just so happy. Now my headache is gone.

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