Affordable Flip Flops

Just today, after I became too busy making sending requirements for my loan, I rewarded myself for a job well done and bought a flip flops for me, the one I had was busted, I tripped and the strap loose and cut. And since I always like flip flop types, I went to the mall and made a canvass, it was just right because they were on sale. So I bought mine only P300.00 plus. It was just frustrating because I can’t choose any other color because most of them are sold out and this is the only color available.

 photo IMG_0241_zps55ef3c77.jpg

The front view of my flip flops, now I know I can have the same style as the real ones with only of course cheaper prices.

 photo IMG_0242_zps65dc0027.jpg

I don’t like to shop when the other one is not busted already or it can be use already but once it is busted, I can’t live a day not to buy right away. Thank God for the little extra money I had because I was able to buy simple little things.

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