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A Gift From A Friend

I really thought I could not buy something new already for my birthday, I mean it is already days passed my birthday so I thought maybe I will just have to buy something new when the budget right. But last Saturday, in the morning, I received a messaged from a friend in Texas, I was already thankful that I got a birthday greeting from her aside from the birthday greeting from my other friend also in the same state. Sometimes, I wonder why most of my friends are going to Texas. LOL. Anyway, she chatted me in the messenger sending me wishes. And I was surprised that she sent me a combine numbers for XOOM. And she told me then it is her birthday gift for me. The moment I received the birthday gift, I could only thought but one, I have to buy a pair of jeans. Yes, it is just so right timing, because one of the malls still has sales! Here’s what I bought:

 photo IMG_0131_zps4a82bde6.jpg

I love the designs, it is different from what I usually picked.

 photo IMG_0133_zps359fe0a6.jpg

It is the same as what I bought before, I love the fabric of this jean it is just so comfortable.

 photo IMG_0132_zps7b5f0f62.jpg

I just wanna say thank you to my friend, thank you for always remembering my special even sometimes I forget yours and to that I am sorry. I am sorry that I don’t have time to chat with you. But please know that I always misses you, my partner in crime is now living happy with her husband and I am so happy for you too, it is just I miss our bonding together. I just wish that you are here that even we don’t have a grand celebration but our laugh together is just so incomparable.

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