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Rubber Shoes Or Books?

Yesterday, right after I deposited the money as a payment for this house, I asked Faith if she wants something since she behaved. I was thinking to buy her new rubber shoes, since her rubber shoes is already torn and is already old. We bought the old one last year. She insisted to buy her a new book but I told her since her rubber shoes maybe it is a great idea if we will buy a pair of rubber shoes instead of a book, and we will just buy a book some other time. She even came up to an agreement of buying both but of course since the budget is only enough for her rubber shoes, we just bought the latter.

Faith indeed knows which one she likes for a rubber shoes. She wants a pair of shoes that would lit up when you stump your feet to the floor or while just walking. She saw something like that to her classmate, and she did not forget it since then. Her classmate told us that it is her grandfather who bought her those shoes from the States. And since we don’t have that kind here in the Philippines, we just get to satisfy what displays in the mall. Good thing we found similar to the shoes, it does not have tiny lights but one light only. Faith was a bit disappointed yet she chooses that shoes similar to her classmate. It is not that fancy but at least she have a new one to wear on Friday during P.E. day.

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