Sensible Jeans

One of my reason why should I purchase Faith a pair of jeans, it is because I don’t like her to be bitten by mosquito when we go out. You see, we always go out, during weekdays our agenda is school and on Monday is her therapy while on Wednesday is her Kumon. On Saturday, we are still busy; I need to send her to her therapy and of course Kumon. I am not saying that I don’t feel confident with the area, I am aware that they are taking good care of their kids to be a mosquito free but sometimes we can’t just be contained especially during rainy season. So sometimes, for precaution purposes, I would let her wear a pair of jeans.

Last August, since it was Kadayawan Month, we tried to look for a pair of jeans that are off-price. After the tremendous search, finally I was able to find what we are exactly looking for. The jean has a garter that we can adjust the waistline, you know my youngest daughter is so slim. So I really need an adjustable waist for jeans. Plus it has discounts, this pair of jeans costs only about P300.00. Faith could not contain her happiness when I decided to buy her a new pair of jeans.

 photo IMG_0113_zps63288388.jpg

The waistline is gartered so it is indeed so easy for us to adjust the waistline, plus it has with a belt. I don’t have to buy a belt for Faith.

 photo IMG_0112_zpsa7c7280d.jpg

Now I feel worry free because she had a new pair of jeans she could wear every Sunday. But even so I still put some mosquito repellent so to be sure.

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