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Remember What Store You Went

Most often than not, when we let our kids take charge with what they shop, even they love what they shop when they will get distracted expect them to do not mind what they are holding. It happens to all the mothers I guess, good thing that mostly we shop in the malls and not in the market where the place is jam-packed with people. In the malls, we feel the security of your belongings that once it will be left, when a staff could see it, they will return it to the reception area or to the customer service. It is better to remember what store did you went it after you shopped the item and once you are sure enough, go back to the store and ask. Now I don’t say that once you remember, sure enough it is there and then when you cannot find it, you will scream at the stuff for not keeping your stuff. Of course in a store, not all the times, the staff could find it, as there are customers who comes and go and admittedly some of them are not honest at all. Better yet, hold your stuff and do not let your kid hold it, I mean if you want to make sure not to misplace your belongings.

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