Fashion Can Be Influenced By Music

Sometimes our fashion can be influenced of what music we like. I have one niece who likes rock and roll, and her outfit got affected with it, even her looks. She’d like to wear black tops or dark shades clothes; her eyeliner was even thick to her eye brows. I could not understand it at first and was always telling her to minimize her eye make-up but she just doesn’t listen. I realized she loves this kind of music that her fashion sense was affected with it. But wearing a rock and roll style can be also picky, I mean do it with style not just wearing a jacket and that’s it. You can live out your inner rebel by putting on leather, sheer and an all-black ensemble. You can rock your style by experimenting those dark colors that I mentioned. Metallic can be also an option for a rock and roll looks, stand out in shimmer and silver streaks. And please do remember that to get this full gear more fashionable you should add also accessories, choose hardware accessories to compliment your look.

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