Recreate Your Fashion

Are you stressing of what to wear today? Do you want to buy new clothes but you are stocked up with budget? Why not relax, chill and recreate? Yes, in today’s crisis you should save your money from shopping so when the heavy rain comes we have something to get from our pocket. But even though we are in a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that we will sacrifice our being fashionable. You can lounge around but it does not need to be lazy dressing. Leatherette shorts and taffeta jackets are known to be comfy but classy as well.

You must read this style tip: The usual black and white combo could be simple and easy color but hold on, I think you must stop with the usual color however you can experiment with any other color just avoid the wide “notice me” belt. It will not only give you an hour glass shape but will also pinch – hit for a pair of Spanx any day.

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