Why Not Try The Treading?

Before we left for Pagadian, I noticed my eyebrows hair is already like a wild forest that is just growing up anywhere above my eyes. I know I needed to pluck it or trimmed it however I hate plucking, it is hurting but I don’t know also how to trim the hair. So yesterday I went to the saloon with my youngest to have it trimmed, but the staffs that is expert on trimming was still so busy, I just had a pedicure first instead.

The cleaning on my nails did not take a while, they called the staff that would do the trimming but he suggested why not try the treading. He said that treading is beneficial to me since it will take a while yet before the hair would grow. It would save a lot of my time, although it hurts just like plucking but it’s all worth it as I won’t be going back there to the saloon from time to time. I was convinced besides I don’t have much time to go back and forth to the saloon only on that day.

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