Fashionable Head Caps

I bought 2 head caps for my eldest daughter so she have a replacement when the other is not working. She is going to Pagadian next week, and I thought I won’t go with her but I decided to go with her, the travel is a little bit far and there will be no one who can assists her. I mean there’s a friend who is willing but I guess this is a mother instinct or feeling, I can’t help to get worried. Anyway, here are the head caps I bought for her. Of course we bought the head caps in Speedo:

 photo IMG_2300_zps209dc07b.jpg

This is her pick, a bubble head cap. I asked her if it is heavy and she said when she used it on her training, it is not heavy at all.

 photo IMG_2301_zps8bef75c8.jpg

This is the most fashionable head caps she will ever have. The reversible head cap, she first saw it from her team mate from thereon she keeps on bugging to buy one for her.

 photo IMG_2303_zpsf2de11f6.jpg

 photo IMG_2302_zps940e9af1.jpg

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