Blouse With Fluffy Sleeves

It is September and next week will be Faith’s Foundation at school, we had been talking about their costume to wear on the Field Demo but they did not release it yet. The costume would go along with white blouse that has a fluffy sleeves, this is not included with the cost of the costume, meaning we have to buy it in the mall but we could not find any blouse with a fluffy sleeves. One parent suggested buying a fabric and we will just hire a sewer for it. I didn’t have time, good thing one parent helped me, she said I will just pay her and she will buy the fabric, she knew someone who could sew and we will just pay for it. All I have to do is to wait for it to finish. Thank GOD I have some friends who could help me while I am so busy with my eldest, gathering what to bring on our travel. Yes, I decided to just be with her.

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