New Tank Tops For My Eldest Daughter

We are so lucky that we have friends who treat us always. I am so lucky as well as my eldest daughter. One day when my daughter was invited by my friend to watch a movie, she was not only treat a free lunch but my friend also bought her some stuffs.

This tank tops below was given to her after her training. My friend told me she spotted this blouse when she shop a pair of sandal for her daughter. It was on sale so she grabbed it to give it to my daughter. Mj could not content her joy when she received this.

 photo IMG_0284_zpsde615f18.jpg

The second picture is when she invited Mj and her friend for a movie, they went inside Terranova and spotted one tops for their swimming, Cydee said Mj’s friend that is the best when they have swimming because it would dry up so easily.

 photo IMG_0285_zps25618e6c.jpg

Both Mj and Cydee have the same kind of tank tops.

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