New Training Goggles For My Daughter

The parents in the school are looking for ethnic wear for their kids but me I was so busy paying some bills. I also bought goggles for Mj, her goggles made her eye irritated. I drove down to Abreeza mall after I paid the house in Phase 1. I bought the training goggles not the other type since her Dad bought her the competitive goggles. Yes, it was not that expensive but still expensive for me, yes it is less than 500 pesos but I can already buy like 5 kilos of rice however Mj needs a new goggles otherwise I will have to spend a treatment for her allergies near the eyes and since it is near the eyes it is really crucial. Tonight when she wore the new goggles I can see that she did not itch her eyes anymore. Somehow it saves me from going to the skin doctor. Oh I have to thank my friend for buying her a facial cleanser; yeah I think we really need to transfer pool.

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