Next To Sandal

On our way to the pool I always passed by with these vendors selling bags and clothes on the street. Actually they are disturbing cars that passed by because they occupy the side of the street and the people are walking back and forth. One time, I almost hit one person good thing I am conscious with stepping the break right away. On the other hand my daughter always asked me if we could take a look but there’s parking spot there so we can’t go down in the car and look, I just told her maybe we will be going there without a car at all so that we can free to walk and look. I am really aiming for a bag nowadays, my bag doesn’t have a zipper anymore and I am always borrowing bags from my niece. She abandoned those bags because the leather is taking off, sometimes it stick on my blouse. Oh well, I just have to wait so I can save and buy a bag for me. Yeah next to sandal I want a bag now.

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